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Our goal is to provide you with the best, most affordable health solution that enables you to MoVE MoRE & LIVE BETTER!

Our solution is customised to you. It fits every budget and circumstance. It enables you to do what you know you need to – even when time is limited.

You can workout on our signature rigs, take our program to your gym or the park and use your smartphone, do it at home or build / upgrade your home gym.


Our workouts are specifically created based on your equipment and change daily to keep you motivated and inspired.

Our Daily Workout is less than 50 minutes and will never be the same! It rotates between categories of Cardio, Resistance and Fusion workouts with every trainer having different structures.

For fun after completion of your daily workout you unlock a daily Bonus Burner after your daily workout… to maximise returns on specific muscle groups!

Feeling like a recharge? Our ‘Flow Stretch & Breathe’ programs take you through a variety of routines sourced from the best yoga, breathing, and stretching routines.

Our Build & Restore programs are less than 10 minutes and essential routines for building strength & mobility in problem areas so you can perform at your best!

Train For 10 is a quick routine to get you warm and going! It is perfect for our active professionals with demanding physical routines, athletes wanting a longer warm or people who just want a quick 10!


We believe equipment is a lifetime purchase, so our equipment is top grade! We know there’s cheaper equipment – this however generally leaches and cracks and is often frankly unhealthy.

We also know every household already has equipment- so use it! Integrate it into an ATHLIV home gym set up! Just download the ATHLIV TV APP from the Google playstore to your TV, select the equipment you have and get started!

Start with a Hero Kit and your equipment…. Then improve your workouts the with more equipment, and then, as you improve with more weight variety in the equipment you have!


Matching a nutrition plan to your goals and biometrics is a must! We know you cant out train a bad diet!

Do you know how much you should eat? We do! Create a plan and have chef prepared meals delivered to your door every week! So Good, So easy! So convenient! We cater to most dietary needs as well!


Our App is Easy To Use

One time set up:
1. downloaded the app
2. get a membership
3. established your profile so we can tailor your workouts

Any Day:
1. Open the App
2. Navigate to workouts
3. Select your workout
4. Select the equipment you have with you (Kit/ Rig/ Home Gym)

Recording your workouts for benchmarking & awareness is imperative. It’s the key to motivation performance and improvement.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel we want you to use what you have leverage investments you have already made – so integrate your Apple Watch, Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch. Record your calories, max heart rate by brand, and get a view on each branded workout to validate your performance!