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Agility Cones (5)

Manufactured from pliable plastic to ensure maximum safety, the cones come in a set of 5 to suit all drill style training needs.



Material: pliable PVC
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 20cm

Agility Ladder

Time to move away from the standard ladder agility drills – create different layouts with our commercial grade Agility Ladder.



  • 40cm wide, 3m long
  • 6 rungs
  • Durable, impact resistant PVC
  • Flat pack design

Hero Plus

The HERO PLUS kit gives you that little bit of extra equipment so you can maximize your workouts, while still being super portable.

Durable and secure, all the equipment fits neatly in this specially designed backpack making this kit easy to transport and store.

The backpack features a phone mount for an easy workout setup, and the shoulder strap can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort.


This portable kit is great for outdoor workouts at the park, or for those who want to train in multiple locations while on the road.

Skipping Rope

The ATHLIV Skipping Rope is an extra light weight speed rope built to last and perfect getting your heart rate up. It is adjustable in length and the handles are wrapped with soft foam for a comfortable grip.

Before using the rope, check the rope length and adjust as required. The rope length can be adjusted by removing the end caps and then adjusting and cutting off the excess rope with pliers. Finish the ends with a knot so that they don’t slip out of the handles and replace the end caps.

Slides (pair)

Plastic sliding disc with padded surface, can be used to glide or slide on carpet, turf or astroturf for a range of exercises to improve core strength and stability.

If you don’t have a suitable surface for slides exercises then check out our Slides Mat.


Sold as pair
Hexagonal shape
Size: 18cm (diameter) x 5mm (thick)