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Agility Cones (5)

Manufactured from pliable plastic to ensure maximum safety, the cones come in a set of 5 to suit all drill style training needs.



Material: pliable PVC
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 20cm

Agility Hurdles (pair)

Great for plyometric training, lateral agility drills, or any hurdle drill or obstacle course where safety is important. These foam hurdles are soft enough to break a fall, yet strong enough to be used in any conditions.



36cm wide, 20cm tall

Comes as a pair

Made from high density thermoformed foam

Agility Ladder

Time to move away from the standard ladder agility drills – create different layouts with our commercial grade Agility Ladder.



  • 40cm wide, 3m long
  • 6 rungs
  • Durable, impact resistant PVC
  • Flat pack design

Balance Trainer

The ATHLIV Balance Trainer is a functional piece of equipment for multiple applications. Used in order to significantly improve balance and core stability it can be inverted for added exercises such as balance ball push-ups.



  • Material: PVC / PU
  • Solid base
  • Manual air pump included
  • Width: 60cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • User weight: 120kg (See notes)

Please note: It is essential that the Balance Trainer is correctly inflated to achieve the maximum loading capacity.

Slides (pair)

Plastic sliding disc with padded surface, can be used to glide or slide on carpet, turf or astroturf for a range of exercises to improve core strength and stability.

If you don’t have a suitable surface for slides exercises then check out our Slides Mat.


Sold as pair
Hexagonal shape
Size: 18cm (diameter) x 5mm (thick)

Slides Mat

The perfect companion for any exercise that requires using Slides.



– Made with a non-slip synthetic rubber base.

– Rolls up easily.

– Size 200 x 100 cm.

Step Trainer

With extra structural reinforcement of the risers and platform, our Step Trainer is built to last.



Commercial grade heavy duty PVC with non-slip rubber top
Includes 1 x Platform and 4 x Risers
No assembly required
Weight capacity of 250kg
Platform: 110cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 10cm (H)
Risers: 42cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 8cm (H)

Suspension Trainer

The ATHLIV Suspension Trainer is a portable tool for the ultimate workout. The functionality of this durable piece of fitness equipment allows you to perform hundreds of exercises to increase your strength and power. Through utilising your own body weight, the system trains the entire body for functional strength, sports specific movements, rehabilitation, mobility work, cardiovascular endurance and hypertrophy.

Made from top quality seat belt webbing, the system is fully adjustable in length to accommodate any skill level. With specially designed hand / foot loops, the system is easy to use by simply wrapping the orange strap twice around a load bearing beam. By wrapping the strap twice you will reduce the stress on the stitching and carabiner clip. Featuring commercial carabiner clips for maximum security.

With its compact design it is small enough to go with you anywhere.


Materials: durable nylon webbing
Buckles made from steel
Commercial carabiner clips
200kg Load Rating
Compact design

Swiss Ball

Whether you call it a gym ball, exercise ball or Swiss ball, the uses of this commercial grade piece of equipment are endless.


Material: vinyl
Latex free
Maximum user weight: 270kg