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Meet Courtney, one of your new ATHLIV trainers.

The undisputed queen of wakeboarding, Courtney has proven herself as one of the best, winning the world Wakeboard Association (WWA) Wake Park World Championships in 2013 and the WWA Triple Crown Series in 2014 and 2015. Courtney has lived the dream, turning her passion into her career, and after many years of competitive success, she now owns Cable Wakeboarding Park in Sydney, Australia. As an athlete, she advocates the importance of strength and aerobic training to supplement her sports specific training, and believes success comes when obstacles, failure and loss serve to act as a motivation.

Courtney’s workout is Awaken. A challenging and unique combination off heavy controlled resistance training and intense cardio. First you’ll focus on heavy weights with good form, then move onto pure cardio, then finish off strong, with an AMRAP at your own pace. Awaken will make you fitter, leaner and stronger.


  • Champion – (WWA) Wake Park World Championships in 2013
  • IWWF National Champion 2014-2021 (8 x consecutive wins)
  • WWA Champion, US Nationals 2019
  • WWA Triple Crown Series in 2014, 2015

Fun Facts

  • Courtney’s favourite exercise is wakeboarding
  • Her favourite food is mud crab